The vision of Mangetti Travel

We combine 5+ years of knowledge in the Namibian tourism industry with a deep passion for the wild African Bush

We are Harald & Isabel, the team behind Mangetti Travel Agency.

Our vision is to enable as many people as possible to get out into the wild and natural beauty of Africa. Away from all the hustle and bustle of daily life, you will experience an extraordinary journey by exploring the vast landscapes and untamed wildlife of Namibia and the neighboring countries. 

How we will support you? We aim to get to know our clients and create the perfect itinerary for your individual needs & dreams. Even though Namibia is the perfect country for self-driving trips due to safety and infrastructure, there are a lot of things you can miss out on or that can go wrong without a knowledgeable partner by your side. No matter if you are looking for a family adventure, photographic safari, recreational nature experience, or excursions off the beaten tracks – we help you create a memorable tour!


A photo of the owners of Mangetti Travel Agency Namibia posing in front of the sun setting behind the mountains

What you can expect from us

A personal contact in Namibia, who cares about your individual travel & safari dreams

Mangetti Travel is a family-owned company and we also value personal & close contact with you as our clients.

We specialize in designing tailor-made safari tours through the land of the brave but also to Namibia’s neighboring countries Botswana & South Africa. Whether you are looking for a luxury safari adventure or a budget-friendly self-driving trip – our team will help you plan an unforgettable journey!

We focus on designing self-drive tours & safaris but you can also book finalized tours for every budget with us. Get inspired here.

If you wish for a private, guided experience, we will happily accompany you on an outstanding trip! Therefore contact us directly, so that we can create a memorable experience with you!

Why you should book with us

Benefit from our expertise with a personalized e-book guide

Everyone has different expectations, interests, and dreams when it comes to Safaris and traveling. See as much as possible, relax at the beautiful lodge, get up early for the best sunrise pictures, or enjoy a recreational travel experience in nature. 

We want to get to know you and your specific expectations first so that we can create the perfect journey for you, not a trip of the peg. 
All our finalized itineraries can also be personalized especially regarding activities. 

This is why we create your personal e-book guide!

Some weeks in advance of your journey, you will receive an e-book guide with detailed information about your route and insider tips for activities & stops that match your interests.

A tailor-made trip without any extra costs

We don’t charge you anything for our services – the lodges and hotels we book pay us commission for referrals. In essence, you get our travel expertise and experience in Namibia for the same price as you would get when booking accommodation yourself.

Why we're doing this?

Sharing our passion for Africa with you!

Our love for Africa runs through our veins: Driving through the red sand of the Namib Desert, sleeping under a million stars and viewing the milkyway with your own eyes while hearing laughing Hyenas in the far distance.

Smoothly making your way through the Okavango River on a traditional Mokoro, here and there two eyes glance at you from the riverbanks where Crocodiles get their sunbath and little Hippos balancing on their mums shoulders in the shallow water.

These are the moments that we live for and we want to share them with you! Furthermore, we want to bring as many people into this untamed wilderness, which is hard to find these days. Because what we love, we try to protect.

Wildlife conservation & sustainability

Working with us means supporting Namibia's wildlife

Making a difference is important to us. We’ve pledged to donate 10% of our profits to wildlife conservation of protected species including Hartmans Mountain Zebra, Black Wildebeest, Brown Hyena, Cheetahs and other animals on the Gabus Game Ranch farmlands.

Want to see it with youre own eyes? We can plan youre stay at Gabus Game Ranch, where we are based. You can enjoy your stay at the comfortable lodge and learn more about our work here.

Your Itinerary Designer

Exploring Africa is my absolute passion and therefore I enjoy planning routes and trips for you! When you had a fantastic trip I am as happy as doing the trip on my own. Tell me what you want to experience and I start creating.

FGASA Level 1 Guide

I am officially trained and accredited as Safari Guide in Southern Africa and hold my Level 1. I am continuously working on gaining more knowledge to provide you with interesting facts about wildlife!

Photography Enthusiast

Being interested in photography for many years, I spend a lot of time searching for the perfect light. I am more than happy to provide you with tips about landscape & wildlife photography and am also the in-house photographer of Gabus Game Ranch.

Meet the Team behind Mangetti Travel

Harald Kuehl

Growing up on the family-owned Safari Lodge in northern Namibia, Harald started working in the hospitality and tourism industry from a young age. 

He has been to every corner of Namibia and traveled to many of the bordering countries in Southern Africa. Therefore, Harald can provide you with local insider knowledge and the best tips for your adventure. Not to mention the many hilarious but also serious stories life in Africa can tell.


Isabel Huber

Originally from Germany, Isabel has a professional background in business psychology and human resources.

But based on her deep passion for wildlife and especially Africa, she decided to participate in safari guide training in Kwazulu-Natal, SA. There is nothing more special for her than walking through the African bush, learning more about nature and how to preserve the amazing wildlife.

Sometimes things fall into place and Isabel is now working on a safari lodge, Gabus Game Ranch, in the heart of Namibia.
Most importantly, she has the opportunity to help you create your own very personal African dream with Mangetti Travel!

The best Storyteller

Living in Namibia my whole life, I experienced many different situations from funny stories to serious situations - I am the right person to ask if you want to get to know the country behind the tourism facade.

The Contact-Man

With being fluent in three languages and having many contacts in the country, I can help you in nearly every situation and support you if something unexpected arises.

Lodge Manager & Guide

With my family, we run the Gabus Game Ranch nestled between Otjiwarongo and Etosha National Park. I therefore have a deep knowledge about the Namibian tourism indutry, which helps to create your dream itinerary.

How to find us in Namibia

D3031 road, Otavi

Telephone: +264 81 611 7099
Physicial Address: Farm Gabus Nr 52, D3031 road
Postal Address: PO Box 52 Otavi

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